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Q.[Requesting an Estimation] How can I request and estimation for a clinical trial?
Q.[Requesting an Estimation] When can I receive the estimate I requested?
Q.[Requesting an Estimation] What information do you need to create an estimate?
Q.[Requesting an Estimation] After receiving the estimate, is it possible to have a further discussion about the estimate?
Q.[Requesting an Estimation] When I request an estimation, is it possible to request other materials?
Q.[Company Visitation] Can I visit your company without requesting an estimate?
Q.[Company Visitation] If I would like to audit/evaluate your company as a CRO, is it possible to visit your company?
Q.[Request for a Contract] After I have completed examining the estimation, how do I proceed with a contract?
Q.[Work Process] When can the study process be started?
Q.[Work Process] How do we proceed with the study processes?
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