[Press Release] LSK Global PS scouted a Medical Director, Hyun-Hee Na who is a nephrologist

- Director Hyun-Hee Na has a wealth of experiences pertinent to R&D and regulatory strategies

- Successful R&D strategies and medical advices are expected to be provided in the early phase of clinical development


LSK Global Pharma Services Co., Ltd. (LSK Global PS) which is a leading contract research organization (CRO) in Korea announced it had scouted the director Hyun-Hee Na as the head of Medical Affairs Division.



Picture) Director Na, Hyun-hee of LSK Global PS




Director Hyun-Hee Na is a nephrologist who was granted a bachelor’s degree of medicine from College of Medicine of In Je University and a master’s degree of medicine from College of Medicine of Kyung Hee University. Henceforth, she possesses more than 10 years of R&D experiences in various fields including oncology, immunology, and metabology in multinational and domestic pharmaceutical companies such as Yuhan Corporation and LG Chem (formerly LG Life Sciences). Director Na used to be the head of Clinical Strategy Team who established the target product characteristics of a new drug from the nonclinical phase and planned global clinical strategies, development plans, etc. to increase the success rate of global new drug development, and performed a role as the study director (study physician) arranging for individual clinical studies to be smoothly conducted. Besides, she has contributed to open innovation strategies and license-ins and -outs.




With the recruitment of Director Na, LSK Global PS and LSK NRDO are expected to provide more professional medical management and consultation and have enhanced capacity for new drug development. Based on a wealth of experiences related to development and regulatory strategies, Director Na is appointed to concentrate in the tasks of early development phases from nonclinical to phase 2 clinical trials which are most important in the development of new drugs in cooperation with Vice-president of Business & Science (BNS) Division, Shin, Dae-hee who is in charge of the consulting on new drug development at LSK Global PS.




Meanwhile, LSK Global PS is staffed with 3 medical doctors as internal manpower consisting of Director Na, Hyun-Hee to begin with, Advisor Kim, Sam-Yong who is a hemato-oncologist playing a role as Medical Monitor as well as Oncology Director, and Advisor Yu, Suk-Hee who is an endocrinologist, and is providing upgraded services due to medical consultation in a professional and prompt manner.