CEO Message

We appreciate your care and trust in LSK Global PS.
Since its establishment in March 2000, we, at LSK Global PS, have tried hard to fulfill our mission – that is to contribute to the entry of Korean pharmaceutical companies to global market - and we have pursued highest quality in the services we provide. We have constantly made efforts to provide contract research services that meet global standards. To keep up the quality of clinical trials, we use the systems meeting global standards and conduct the clinical trials according to our SOP, which was developed to be in strict compliance with the ICH-GCP guidelines.

The competitiveness that we have is the quality of our clinical research service that fulfills the regulatory requirements of US and Europe. With this competitiveness, we moved forward to become the first CRO in Korea who successfully completed a global clinical trial for a new drug.

I started my clinical research career in 1977 when I worked with the US National Cancer Institute. I continued my career in the clinical research field and, just before I came back to Korea in 1999, I served as Chief of the Biostatistics Branch at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). In 1999, I established a CRO company with my vision to contribute to the development of Korean clinical research industry and I am still actively participating in different areas of the clinical research projects such as study design, data analysis, consultations, etc.

The past 23 years at NIH gave me opportunities to experience practically all of the different areas of clinical research, including study planning, study design, monitoring, site management, data management, data analysis, report preparation, result presentation, etc. Looking back, the basics of clinical research have not changed whether in Korea or in other countries although the services of CRO are now more diversified and specialized. We have tried to stick to the basics, i.e., data transparency and integrity, and have worked hard to bring out the best in data transparency and integrity. What we have strived for is none other than the highest quality.

We, at LSK Global PS, promise to forge ahead with our efforts to take the competitiveness of Korean clinical research industry to the global level and to contribute to the entry of Korean pharmaceutical industry into the global market.