Epidemiological Research

At LSK Global PS, we have a team dedicated to Epidemiological Research (ER). ER Team covers the entire range of post-marketing observational studies, including PMS, observational study (prospective and retrospective cohorts) and survey.
Professional consultation is offered for the planning of observational study and a Project Leader (PL), assigned to each individual project, will serve as a single point of contact with a client and coordinate with other departments involved in the project to facilitate the progress of the project. In addition, DM personnel is separately allocated to observational studies to ensure that the data from observational studies are managed according to their features which are different from the features of the data from clinical studies.
Epidemiological studies involve issues such as bias, confounding, etc. that are not seen in the clinical studies and, due to limited control over the data quality, epidemiological studies require more experience and statistical knowledge in analyzing statistical data than clinical studies. At LSK Global PS, Biostatistics Team and Epidemiological Research Team work together in an integrated manner to deliver a better result in the design and data analysis of epidemiological studies.
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