Training is one of the measures to maintain the high quality of the clinical studies and we offer trainings to study personnel, including monitors.
Through the systematic training program for monitors that we have established, we have provided trainings for monitors for over 10 years. The instructors that we have are equipped with ample experience in clinical studies and they give trainings not only on the ethics and basic knowledge on clinical studies, but also on the hands-on skills and knowledge.
Quality trainings, with focuses on the protection of patient’s rights and the quality control of data, are provided for study personnel, including monitors.
In response to the widened use of EDC system and the emerging importance of pharmacovigilance, trainings on EDC system/data management and pharmacovigilance are also added to our training program.
LSK Global PS was certified as a monitor education center by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety on 18 August 2016 and is starting to provide the training services through LSK Education Center in the second half of 2016.