ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
Certified in Mar.2017
Certification for the entire clinical trial service management system of the excellence of its management process, expertise, and sustainability.

LSK Global PS has achieved certification for the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, becoming the first Korean CRO to receive accreditation for our comprehensive service areas also the development, and operation of the clinical trial conducting the professionals training program.

Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, Family Friendly Certified Company
Certified in Dec.2017 / updated in Dec.2022
Certified for fostering a healthy work-life balance environment for employees that guarantees flexible working hours, telecommuting, and Christmas refresh vacation at the year’s end.

LSK Global PS has been selected as a “Family Friendly Certified Company”, which is certified to companies and public organizations operating their businesses complying with the “Act on the Promotion of Creation of Family-Friendly Social Environment” as the first domestic CRO in Korea.

CCDM® Industry Partners
Certified in Jun. 2019
Validation of Global Standard Clinical Trial Data Management Capabilities

As the first domestic CRO in Korea, LSK Global PS has been certified as CCDM®(Certified Clinical Data Manager) Industry Partners from a data management Global non-profit organization, SCDM(Society for Clinical Data Management)
The CCDM® Industry Partners recognizes companies that prioritize quality Clinical Data Management and require to have at least 25%of the CDMs are CCDMs or at least 10 CCDMs.

ISO 37001 Anti-bribery Management System
Certified in Dec. 2019
Confirming good service and globally accepted ethical management practices

LSK Global PS has obtained the international standard certification “ISO 37001” for implementing an anti-bribery management system across all relevant organizational activities.

ISO 14155 Clinical Investigation of Medical Devices for Human Subjects
Certified in Mar. 2021
Establishing Medical Device Clinical Trial Conduct Capabilities and Global Market Expansion

LSK Global PS obtained ISO 14155 certification from TÜV SÜD, a global certification agency for clinical trial management in evaluating the safety and performance of medical devices design, trial conduct, recording, and reporting for evaluating safety and or performance.

Compliance Management System ISO 37301:2021 certification
Certified in May 2022
We confirm that our compliance management policy and risk management system are at a global level

LSK Global PS has defined the compliance management policies that the organization must adhere to. We operate in accordance with autonomous compliance that extends not only to legal and regulatory norms but also to ethical dimensions. As the first in the CRO industry, we have obtained the 'ISO 37301' certification, an international standard, to ensure our operations align with voluntary compliance.

ISO27001 : Information Security Management System
Certified in Jan. 2023
Established a comprehensive organizational structure that implements and operates a systematic information protection system, for the reliability of the clinical trial services we are providing.

LSK Global PS has obtained the 'ISO 27001' certification in the field of information security, which evaluates 144 detailed items across 14 management areas related to information security policies, communication, operation, access control, and incident response. As the first domestic CRO to achieve this certification, LSK Global PS has demonstrated its commitment to maintaining a global level of information protection.