• LSK Global PS Europe Branch(PV) (Warsaw, Poland)
  • Julius Clinical Research (Zeist, Netherland)
  • Cato Research Israel, Ltd. (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • Egeen International, Inc. (Tallinn, Estonia)
  • HungaroTrial (Budapest, Hungary)


Asia CRO Alliance
  • LSK Global PS Headquarter (Seoul, Korea)
  • Veras Research Japan, Ltd. (Saitama, Japan)
  • StatPlus, Inc. (Taipei, Taiwan)
  • Horus Co., Ltd. (Ho chi minh, Vietnam)
  • MyXMO (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  • LSK Global PS Taiwan Branch(DM) (Taipei)
  • Southern Star Research (Sydney, Australia)
  • MPI, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan)
  • MakroCare Clinical Research, Ltd. (Andhra Pradesh, India)
  • CR Medicon (Nanjing, China)


  • Cato Research Durharm, Ltd. (North Carolina, USA)
  • Medidata Solutions, Inc. (New York, USA)
  • Target Health, Inc. (New York, USA)
Asia CRO Alliance

LSK Global PS is providing more differentiated service through the Asia CRO Alliance (ACA) established by the local CROs in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Malaysia, which have comprehensive understanding of the requirements and guidelines of the regulatory authorities in each country, and local environment relevant with clinical trials.